Remote Selling Setup

10 hours of live instruction classes over a 1 month period will set you up for Remote Selling Mastery Success. At the end of the course you’ll have a polished and professional Remote Setup that will be the envy of your peers and customers! You’ll do more remote meetings and with much better outcomes.

Course Overview


  • HARDWARE – We’ll show you all the various hardware options that are right for your unique situation. This includes cameras, lighting, mics, connectivity, desks, greenscreens, and much more. We’ve done all the research and battle-tested the various options to make sure they will work for you.

  • SOFTWARE Having a polished and professional virtual presence also requires some simple software solutions in addition to (and that work with) Zoom and other remote meeting solutions. We’ll show the pros and cons of each and demonstrate these solutions in action.

  • CREATIVE – It’s all about “Brand Mojo” – representing your organization’s brand with passion and integrity. You’ll learn about the various graphical elements and components required for your virtual presence setup.


  • HARDWARE SETUP – Now that you’ve selected, ordered, and received the right hardware for your setup, we’ll walk you through step by step on how to install it and make sure it’s configured for success.

  • SOFTWARE SETUP – Now it’s time to fire up your selected software that will power the graphics and content of your virtual meetings. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of maximizing your software setup to impress your audience.

  • CREATIVE SETUP – You’ve created your graphics package (or we can for you!) and now it’s time to integrate it into your setup for maximum impact.


  • NAVIGATING YOUR SETUP – You’ve built a Virtual Selling Setup, dialed in software, creative, and are finally ready to start crushing your video calls, except, how do you turn this thing on? During this lesson we’ll show you tips & tricks that will help you leverage this new capability to its full potential, and integrate it into your everyday workflow.

  • VIRTUAL PRESENCE BRAVADO – Driving a car and being a racecar driver are two wholly different things, and technology is only part of the equation. We not only want you to have the tools, but also have the confidence you need to present effectively. During this lesson you’ll be learning how to present with swagger, style, and screen presence.

  • GET CREATIVE – We’ve taught you how to provide a generic high quality virtual experience, but it’s not unique to you or your business. We’ll teach you how to take your new capabilities and craft a virtual presentation experience that matches your sales process, brand voice/tone, technology stack, and