Gartner Report: Three Skills for Successful Virtual Selling.

By Mark Gibson on Jun 25, 2021

In Gartner’s recently published Chief Sales Officer Q2 2021 Report they feature a section entitled The three skills frontline sellers need for successful virtual selling.

Gartner has identified three key seller competencies that CSOs should add in their updated seller competency profiles: 


  • Digital Dexterity 
  • Data Literacy 
  • Virtual Customer Engagement 
The report states that 74% of CSOs surveyed report they have recently or are currently updating their seller competency profiles for virtual selling, and 61% of CSOs are already investing in new technology to enable virtual selling.

In addition the report calls out the need for sales leaders to work with sales enablement on defining virtual selling competencies and ensuring the updated seller competency profiles can support the company’s long-term strategic objectives in addition to short-term ones. 


This alignment also ensures that urgency for updating selling skills becomes a sales organization wide priority and encourages the adoption of these skills by different sales teams.  We wholeheartedly agree and offer remote selling mastery skills training to rapidly bring everyone on the team up to competency and certify them in virtual engagement skills.

Sometimes I wonder what planet Gartner is on when more than 80% of salespeople observed in the wild exhibit one or more of The 7 Deadly Virtual Selling Sins.
We do however agree that digital dexterity or digital competency is a requirement and it transcends basic Zoom controls.  Furthermore the opportunities to combine brand mojo into digital dexterity are not even mentioned in the report.  We have found a majority of sellers are trashing their brand mojo in virtual selling situations.

Remote Collaboration could also be a bridge-too-far for many sales teams who believe that PowerPoint is the best way to add a visual dimension to the virtual conversation. Conversation frameworks are a great first step in remote collaboration and create opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous engagement.

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