Are your sales and CS teams trashing your brand mojo?

By Mark Gibson on July 01, 2021

CEOs, marketing, and sales leaders are likely unaware of the opportunities their sales and customer success teams are missing to contribute to their brand Mojo.  In fact, if they knew how badly some of their team members’ online presence looked, they would be alarmed and call for immediate action.

Since salespeople and CS teams were sent home last year, very little has changed in the set-up and virtual presence for a majority of customer-facing professionals.  CMO’s on the other hand spent tens of thousands or even millions of dollars on messaging, website design, virtual events, giveaways, and brand mojo.  

Based on the sample of salespeople and CS teams we have observed, the majority are letting the side down on Zoom calls.  Over the past year, we have seen sales and CS people with all sorts of camera angles, bad lighting, and sound, presenting on camera dressed in baseball caps, tee-shirts and torn or worn clothing, untidy room backgrounds, and even with people in the background exercising.  

The vast majority of customer-facing professionals in our audit indicate that teams worldwide are poorly equipped for remote selling and customer success conversations, improperly set up, and underutilizing their potential impact on brand mojo.

Remote Selling


What is Brand Mojo?

Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners in the UK published a great article on the three M’s of B2B marketing, Meaning, metrics, and mojo: the 3 keys to B2B marketing today.

According to Doug, “Mojo is confidence, attitude, energy, and passion. It’s your voice and your stance and the banner you wave as your team marches down Revenue Street towards the Mall of Fame.

Mojo is the thing that the best, smartest people in your company bring to work every day—but that somehow gets lost before you can get it to market.

Mojo turns a company into a crusade and a mission statement into an actual mission.

Mojo sends the most important signals you can ever send to your prospects and customers: that you love what you’re doing. That you’re really, really good at it. And that they’ll love working with you, too.”


Customer-facing teams are missing a major opportunity to contribute to their company’s brand mojo.  In a hypercompetitive world, where products/solutions/services look and sound the same, and the buyer is in control, HOW you engage, sell and manage the relationship is more important than what you sell.  

How you sell and engage is how you present on camera, how you portray your brand values, what you wear, what you say, how you say it and how well you engage and interact with customers and buyers, and how you follow up with every customer or prospect call.  

This is a CEO-level problem, and a potential source of embarrassment for marketing, sales and CS  leaders when they become aware of it. 

Measuring Mojo

Sales and CS activity is measurable, sales activity and results are measured and scrutinized.  Mojo is measurable, but the problem for most companies is that there are no objective standards for what good virtual presence looks like, so Mojo cannot be measured.

Perhaps this is why sales and CS people think it’s OK to wear what they might wear to a little league game when they meet with prospects and customers.  What if we did a “mystery shopper” on your sales and CS team. Is this their likely score?



Selling in a Post-pandemic World 

With the pandemic coming under control, sales and CS leaders are contemplating the future operating mode of their sales teams. 

Remote selling is here to stay with occasional visits to clients and the office for collaboration, coaching, and team-building. The economics and productivity losses do not justify requiring sales and CS people to make every call in person or to return to the office to make calls. 

In the first year of COVID-19, companies retrenched people and made tactical investments, spending the bare minimum to equip teams to work from home. 

Now is the time to invest to retool and reskill sales and CS people to contribute to your brand mojo in a world where virtual engagement is forever – and they will love you for it. 

Doug Kessler is coming to Mojo as a thought leader in a top UK marketing agency, with a message focused on an audience of CEO’s and CMO’s.  But the bigger unrealized mojo opportunity is with your customer-facing sales and customer success teams, wherever they work. 

How We Can Help 

We have identified six key aspects that contribute to brand mojo for salespeople 

  1. Setting up the home studio for high-quality video 
  2. Brand and presentation sizzle 
  3. Visual conversation frameworks that help salespeople, engage, build trust, share insight and listen effectively 
  4. Visual storytelling using whiteboards and visual confections to quickly and confidently convey big ideas 
  5. Crisp messaging and pre-defined sales conversations that everyone uses 
  6. Recording every call for coaching and mentoring and for review by stakeholders in the organization who care about brand mojo.

If you would like to take your sales and customer success team’s Mojo from “meh” to unstoppable, schedule some time with me for a conversation and we can discuss your goals and share ideas for a Mojo improvement program to achieve them.

                               SOURCE: Enableocity, Inc.

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